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Rod Band-Its Retail Display

One of the main goals of Gear Band-It is to make it easy for our dealers to order product.  If we can help to keep your shelves full, it benefits both of us.  The principle purpose of our website is for retail dealers to be able to quickly re-order and be done.  A couple minutes and out.  On to the next item on your list.

As a fishing store owner myself, we manage around 8,000 SKU numbers in our store with a small staff.  Placing orders takes a tremendous amount of time and any hurdles that get in the way are incredibly frustrating, especially when ordering lower priority products from vendors with whom we only carry a single product or two.  Gear Band-It products aren't going to make or break your store so they can be easy to get pushed down the priority list, but they are easy money makers with great turns and great margins so keeping them in-stock simply makes sense.  These are the reasons our dealer website is so important and why we always keep inventory in-stock and ready to ship on a moment's notice. 

Click, Click, Ship.... Done!