About Gear Band-It

Gear Band-It produces products for the fishing industry and sells products exclusively through retail dealers and wholesale partners.  Our fishing products help anglers conveniently keep rods, reels and lines from becoming broken, tangled messes and simply makes time on the water just a little bit nicer.

Gear Band-Its' owners have decades of experience in the fishing retail industry and started the company by selling Gear Band-It products in our own fishing store near Seattle, WA in 2021.  Our first product, Rod Band-Its, was instantly a great seller so shortly after, we began offering the products to other local fishing stores and Gear Band-It was born.

Coming from a fishing retail background, we try to make Gear Band-It the easiest, no-brainer product decision any retailer could make.  We offer high margins.  We have a very fast, simple website to quickly re-order products.  We keep those products in-stock so you get your orders quickly.  In addition, we send reminder emails with quick links to make ordering even faster.  We also provide retail displays and packaging that has proven successful.  For those selling online, we also provide online tools to add our products to your web catalog as easily as possible.  Finally, Gear Band-It does not sell direct to consumers and prefers to direct consumers to our retailers.  

We hope your interest in Gear Band-It products has deepened your fishing enjoyment in some way.  If we can help with questions, help you become or find a retail dealer, or anything else, please contact us through our contact form and we will return your inquiry as quickly as possible.

Good Fishing,

Gear Band-It